This year has certainly brought some challenges and changes to the life we have been used to. 2020 is up there with some of the most difficult years-probably many would like to move on and forget what has been. We are halfway through and who knows what other obstacles we are likely to face? One of the positives has been, for so many, being able to work from home. This has created a new time frame for the working week, and often means being able to fit more into the day. For me, it has allowed me to continue writing. I have been taking an online course on writing chapter books for 6-9-year-olds, along with writing two chapter books, which are in progress, and joined new Facebook writing groups. I’ve also had an idea to turn some puppet characters I am creating into another book series. I have also had the opportunity to upgrade my small online business, and I am in the process of setting up a physical shop. I will be moving interstate in the next few weeks and am busy creating stock and gathering ideas for shop decor. At the same time, I am filling online orders for my custom-made puppets. I have experimented with video promotion and created artwork for advertising. With all the tools we need at our fingertips, I believe we face a new creative future. Imagination has no limits-just believe.

puppet with book