The Groovee Granniez

Who are the Groovee Granniez? They are four characters who feature in my upcoming chapter book series for 7-9 year-olds. The Groovee Granniez are a group of 4 widows who meet every week for coffee, tea and cakes. Merle McCluskey likes rock music, muffins and movies. Shirl Silverton likes sewing, singing and stamp collecting. Perla (Pearl, Nonna) Pagnotto loves pets, puppets and painting. Margaret Mulberry loves Moggies, making rugs and mystery detective book series.

They also like to solve neighbourhood mysteries, such as the Missing Ingredient Mystery. (Book number 1) They adore their grandchildren and spoil them when staying over, although Merle doesn’t put up with any nonsense! The Granniez would like to share their ventures with the join them as they explore North-West Tasmanian venues for a start.

Who knows where the Granniez will end up next?