Who is Harriet? Harriet Cooper is 11 years old and lives in the country town of Cootaburrah, with her Mum Megan, stepdad Jake and her little brother Josh. Along with her best friend Will Taylor, she embarks on time-travel adventures, ably assisted by the Welsh red dragon Gruffyd. Book One sees the friends travel back to Ancient Rome, Ancient Greece and Sherwood Forest, via the means of ancient rings which jump off the pages of an old library book. Book two sees Harriet connect with a mysterious librarian and the two friends deal with troublemakers and a child-eating dragon. Will they survive? Book three sees the friends on a wonderful school excursion visiting three gold rush places in Australia. Along the way, they encounter some red phone boxes and once again travel back in time, but only to each place they visit and nowhere else. These Middle-Grade novels are for 8-12-year- old readers who have a sense of adventure.

What readers say.....

"Debra Clewer really understands what captures the imagination of young readers.  Her books are a joyous blend of history, time-travel, and fantasy, and all starring a wonderfully realistic heroine in Harriet.  Young readers will identify with Harriet's challenges at school and at home, and thrill to both her triumphs and disappointments as she navigates the path to growing up.  Debra is an exciting new voice in Australian children’s' literature - can't wait for more in the Harriet series!" Rochelle L. Nicholls, Ph.D.

Thanks for the copy of your book Harriet and the Secret Coins. It’s my daughter’s favourite book. She reads it all the time."  - Justin S.A.

"Harriet and the Secret Librarian had me crossing my fingers, chewing my fingernails and jumping for joy. Gruffyd, the dragon, returns to help Harriet, Will and their friends in times of desperate need. I have learnt some new ways to deal with bullies but find I need to brush up on my bushranger education. A good read!”

Heather-Library Assistant NSW.

“Thanks for sharing Harriet and the Secret Librarian with me. It’s an awesome story.”

Sue B.-NSW

"Harriet and the Secret Rings was amazing. That was a great story to read. I hope you make a third and fourth book. Harriet and the secret librarian was great. Thanks for making those wonderful books I wish there was more of them to read.”

By Jacob, 10 N.Z.

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