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I have only just realised that it has been one year since I last posted a blog......and so much has happened. Just over 12 months ago, I had a fall resulting in a double ankle fracture. It gave me time to write and finish my Ah-Fur, Super Sleuth chapter book. It was released in August, 2022, and I was so excited to see it in print and as an e-book. I have continued to stock my books and puppets at our local art and craft store, and in January 2023 I took on the role of the social media officer for the shop. Last November I completed an Upgrade Your Digital Skills course online and was deemed competent! But for the high spots, there have been lows, and in particular, I have just lost my older daughter suddenly. There are no words to describe the pain. However, I am continuing to write to give myself a focus and keep going. She was undoubtedly my biggest fan and was so proud of her mum becoming an author. I am currently writing a YA fairy/folk tale for a forthcoming YA anthology, which my Rebekah would have loved, as she was a huge fantasy and folk tale fan. I plan to dedicate it to her memory. I have also finally completed the first book in another Chapter book series which has been a WIP since August 2020. After many edits I am wondering which way I will progress with it. In January this year, 2023, a Middle-Grade short story I had written back in 2019 was accepted for inclusion in an another upcoming anthology. Maybe with our words we can inspire others, help them to dream, and perhaps, to overcome the deep painful spots of life.



2023 has been both a difficult and aspiring year. Difficult in that I experienced a personal tragedy in February. I kept writing as a focus to navigate my grief.

Aspiring in that I have had 2 short stories accepted for anthologies. The first one, I Used to Be An Animal Lover, is due for release on the 1st of May. Within that collection, I have a story titled Jackson and the Jam, a rather fun Paul Jennings-inspired story about a boy and his dog. Jackson was a young boy who assisted me with a breakfast club I ran at a school in 2017-2019. One day he asked if I would write a story about him and his love for his absolute favourite snack, toast and jam. I set out to write the story way back in 2019. It's been through several critiques and changes but was finally edited in 2022 and ready to find a home. I sent it to The School Magazine, but they could not find a place for it. It was accepted by author D.A. Cairns for the collection that he has currently prepared. There are a number of interesting and quirky stories from writers around the globe, and I feel privileged to have this tale (tail?) accepted along with these other authors. Looking forward to the release.

At the same time, I am working on my next Ah-Fur, Super-Sleuth chapter book, and have started to write the 4th adventure in The Harriet Series. This one will involve shipwrecks and time travel to historical properties. The last one was released in September 2019, so it has been a while.

I find inspiration in many places, including news items that pop up, and real-life experiences, which are often too good not to use.

It's a great brain workout writing-a workout that helps stave off inertia and keeps the mind active. I hope to do it for as long as I can, without getting AI to write for me!

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